Saturday, February 25, 2012

Birthday girl!

Our beautiful five year old!
Hard to believe Corinne is five!
It seems like yesterday that we planned her 1st birthday party.

Corinne is such a loving, sensitive, smart little girl! At 5 Corinne.....

• loves playing the piano. She started lessons with me a few months ago and has even performed in a recital. She practices every day- more than once usually- and makes her mom and dad happy with the beautiful songs she makes up! (at least we think they are beautiful!)

•LOVES clothes and fashion. She doesn't care where the clothes come from (resales and garage sales!) but she insists on picking out her outfit each day. She usually ends up in leggings and a dress. Corinne is all girl and always has a big flower in her hair.

•spends half of her day at the kitchen table drawing and coloring. Corinne loves drawing girls in long beautiful gowns. She says she wants to be a fashion designer someday. I don't know where this comes from...her mama is lucky to look fashionable once a week!

• goes to ballet once a week and has so much fun!

•does school 3 times a week at home with Caleb. She loves learning and is reading well, writing a lot, and getting very good at addition! She's so fun to teach!

•makes friends easily and loves having play dates with her friends. Her and Caleb play very well together most of the time!

•loves to please! Sometimes she'll do all of her morning chores before she comes down in the morning just to surprise me!

•has made her mommy and daddy very proud!! We love our little girl so much (even though of course she says she's not little anymore!). We thank God for her every day and are so thankful that she is healthy!!

Happy birthday Corinne!

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