Sunday, May 14, 2017

2016 CO vacation

We took a road trip to CO for Maddie and Ryan's wedding last summer. We decide to take our time getting there and made a few fun stops along the way. The first stop was in Quincy IL where we stayed in a really fun hotel that the kids loved! 

They thought having a TV in their bed was pretty cool!

We thought having a bar in our room was pretty cool!!

The pool was so much fun!

As we continued on our way, we found a covered bridge- which was a historical landmark,  and decided to stop. 

We couldn't go through MO without stopping to see Jennifer and Todd! 

Then we headed to CO spring for a few days. First stop- Focus on the Family's Adventures in Odyssey Land. 

Checking out Wit's End.

The best part of going to Odyssey was making an Adventures in Odyssey show recording.  Caleb, Corinne and Calvin got to read scripts and make sounds effects for the very own recording. It was so awesome!! 

Next stop was Garden of the Gods. It was so beautiful!

We went on a few other hikes while in Colorado Springs and loved every minute!

Before we left Co Spring we stopped at the Air Force base for a quick visit.

We stayed in an amazing rental up in the mountains for the remainder of our trip. It was so fun spending time with cousins!

The kids all took turns getting sick. : (

We of course found a few great hikes while staying up in the mountains.

We found a really fun spot to stop and play in a mountain river. 

We spend several days at Maddie and Ryan's farm helping prepare for the wedding. The kids loved walking around and visiting the farm animals.

Save loved holding Corinne's hand!

Glen worked hard to help set up the ceremony site.

Maddie was a beautiful bride!

We had such a great trip and will definitely head back to CO for another vacation soon!